Zeta Chi Chapter at University of Idaho

Kappa Delta

Chapter Housing

Shared living accommodations and group living are among the cornerstones of the collegiate experience. Where else can you enjoy the comforts of home, your friends close by, safety in numbers, and a smart budget solution for living on or close to campus? Living in Kappa Delta provides you with new opportunities to learn, grow, and most of all… have fun!

The University of Idaho is one of the few college campuses in the country that allows new members to live in the Greek chapter houses during their first year!

The Zeta Chi chapter house has been home to many women since our establishment at the University of Idaho. Our house offers a wide variety of amenities that provide our members with a positive college and sorority experience. Living in the chapter house has given members opportunities to create memories and truly strengthen the bonds of our sisterhood.

Our home is a cozy mid-century style house. It has giant windows that let lots of light in, and an inviting atmosphere that makes anyone who enters it instantly comfortable.  

The Zeta Chi chapter is located at 514 W. Sweet Avenue Moscow, Idaho 83843